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Unique ability to drive brands from where they are to where they want to be whilst maintaining their core identity and vision.

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Flexibility, integrity and client focus are at the heart of everything we do.

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Skill sets to assist organisations at various stages of growth.

Meet the man behind the collective

Mark Jackson


A media strategist with over 20 years’ channel deployment experience, unlocking growth for brands at all stages of their unique journey.

Mark became tired of seeing the same thing, time and time again at large agencies:
• Brands being promised a dedicated, experienced team but being de-prioritised as soon as they’re in the door to juniors with no experience in scaling a business.
• Businesses being coerced into media investment when the agency knows they’re not ready but they’re desperate to take to the money from the media transaction.
• The long tail of sub £5m spending clients being disrespected with poor pricing, no flexibility and low visibility on what they’re actually buying.
• No actual planning, just buying to the trading agreements laid out by agency deals which restricted the ability to truly target an audience for smaller brands.

Priding himself on his relationships with his clients and the trust they had in his recommendations, he knew there had to be a better way when he could no longer look them in eye during meetings.
Mark’s mission with JKO is to ensure that every brand is achieving their growth potential, and none are being restricted due to the agency they’re working with.

Mark was a pivotal member of the Purplebricks team even 2 years before we launched. Working tirelessly every day to support our vision for the brand and how it would radically disrupt the estate agency market. So much more than just a media guy.

Mark co-created a business plan on which we achieved funding and made the implementation of his successful launch and scale up strategy possible. Always there when we needed him and always a support for every aspect of our marketing, he would be one of the first names on my team sheet every time.

Michael Bruce

Chief Executive | Purplebricks Group PLC

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Flexibility, integrity, client focus and a passion for thinking differently are at the heart of everything we do.

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