Here are answers to questions we're frequently asked, many of which larger agencies never discuss.

A video says 1.8m words. Don't be disrespecred by a larger agency when it comes to the media you have to buy.

The collective is a consolidated group of specialist agencies focused on unlocking growth for high-potential brands with shared values across visibility, service and respect for our clients.

Clients get to work with a bespoke collection of best in breed agencies with all of the pain of managing them taken away.
1.     One contract, the multiple partners are managed via JKO.
2.    One key contact – all clients want that one go-to person who can manage their day to day across all channels.

Our role is to be an extension of the clients marketing function and to understand their current objectives.
We then provide overall strategic guidance whilst creating coordinating the bespoke team of partners to deliver for the brand.

Clients have historically worked with a group of specialists or with a larger agency that can deliver more of their needs under one roof.
Both models have pro’s and con’s which we’d love to discuss with you.
We believe JKO brings the best of both these models together to deliver a solution that’s perfect for brands.
The simplicity and neutrality of a larger agency model with the expertise and flexibility of a specialist framework.

As marketing teams get leaner and the marketing landscape gets more fragmented, managing multiple partners is becoming increasingly impossible. Brands are often left with no option other than to work with a large one-stop shop even if this is to the detriment of their growth.
JKO act as the conduit between marketing teams and the specialists. We take the pain away from co-ordination and communication and brands are assured that any partner we recommend adheres to the same principles as we do.

You could of course do it yourselves, but you need o   A vast amount of resource:
o   Marketing co-ordinator to pull all partners together, dictate strategy and manage implementation and the in-fighting that often occurs between partners.
o   Legal team for individual agency contracts

o   Finance team to navigate the payment terms
o   A marketing team fully up-to-speed and plugged in to the specialist landscape who knows who the best partners are for you right now in each specialism.

So good luck, you’ll need it!

Too many clients in our opinion are being disrespected by their current agency and are having to:
o   Deal with a junior, in-experienced team.
o   Buy media that’s not right for them, but it is right for the agency.
o   Work with parts of the agency that aren’t really fit for purpose.
o   Drive the agency for innovation and new thinking.
o   Put up with service that being less than 1% of their agencies total billings affords them.

We don’t believe any client should have to put up with this and guarantee our clients don’t.

Because we show you everything. Everywhere we make our money and everyone we work with, with no white labelling and hiding of specialists and partners.

We know the that multiple contracts, multiple payment models and heavy legal involvement is one of the biggest issues when brands work with a broader group of partners. At JKO we take all of that pain away.

You have one contract and fee agreement with us, and we manage the rest of the collective.

NO. This is a common misconception that clients have when engaging with larger agencies.

A £3m client a top 10 agency is on average 0.48% of their total billings. They’re clearly not going to get the same price advantage as a client spending £20m.

This is where a media agency agrees to give a media sales house a % of their billings to guarantee a price.

If a media agency has agreed to give a media owner a % of their spend that influences the media they actually buy. This is more often than not to the detriment of the client.

Clients spending less than £5m per annum who are with a large agency are used to subsidise the price of their larger clients.

Thereby making the price that sub £5m clients are getting not competitive.

We hate seeing media agencies marking their own homework. As strangely the results tend to favour the trading commitments the agency has already made on behalf of their larger clients.

So, we always advocate 3rd party independent media measurement.

We do have solutions in the collective we can refer brands to, but that will always be a direct relationship with the client and always outside of our financial agreement.

When it’s the right time to do so absolutely YES.

It’s been made incredibly simple for a brand to set up a basic search and social campaign and we advocate many brands do this to avoid agency costs, especially during their early stages of development.

However, there will come a time when a brand needs to broaden out of a pure play digital focus and we’re the experts in the ‘what next’ to unlock the next stage of growth.

We play nicely with everybody and should never be seen as a rival to existing partners- if you’re happy with them.

But we’re so much more than a traditional media agency and can bring new partners and solutions to you that’ll sit out of your current arrangements.

So it’s always worth a coffee.

Not yet no. The nature the of our model means we’re constantly at our client’s offices and meeting with partners in the collective to deliver.

However, our dream is to own a coffee shop, THE COLLECTIVE. A place where clients, partners and our team can meet and collaborate daily.

Check out our ‘Want to join the JKO collective’ page for information regarding working for and with us.






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