95% of brands over invest in digital

95% of brands over invest in digital

Growth plateaus for EVERY brand and you must begin moving your marketing investment offline at the right time and in the right way to ensure your business doesn’t stagnate.


Yes, every brand should start with a pure digital media only footprint. Why wouldn’t you. You can do it yourself, turn it on and off instantly, risk minimal levels of investment and quickly learn what media and creative does and doesn’t work.


But your growth will, at some stage plateau. This is primarily driven by addressable audience and competitor landscape.


The proof is in the pudding. 58% of Google, Facebook and Amazon media investment in 2021 was offline according to Nielsen and yet they frequently tell brands they should only spend online.


Stage 2 growth, that’s growth away from a pure digital footprint for ecommerce and app businesses is paramount to a continued growth trajectory.



Too many brands double-down into digital media, simply overloading channels that have already stopped working.


Buying more and more excessive frequency across your core target audience won’t help. If someone has been hit over the head with your message 60 times, the 61st time won’t all of sudden make them respond.


Diluting your audience to enable more investment will only dilute your overall conversion and increase the cost per sale


Trying to make generic search work because you’ve saturated brand search is virtually impossible unless you’re the market leading brand with the best product.


Offline media, done properly is the lever to drive rapid scale and that combined with a lean digital footprint, will always trump piling more into the Google and Facebook coffers